8 Crazy stories about Michael Jordan's trash talk that proves he's a savage Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Jan 5, 2017

  • Business email: Theweightliftingcentral@Gmail.com Patreon: http://patreon.com/dom2k16 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mrnba2khighli... Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mr2khighlights Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nba_2k_highl... Snapchat: Dom_2k From making people quit basketball, to telling his opponents he was about to dominate them, Michael did it all to prove how much of a savage he was. Here are 9 must hear stories about things Michael said to other players; some took it well....others disappeared because of it.


  • Snippet Plug
    Snippet Plug 2 years ago

    Yo "Medical Bill" 😂😂🤣 MJ is a savage bruh😭

  • KingLouieGaming
    KingLouieGaming 2 years ago

    am I the only one who feels kinda bad for Kwamee?

  • Shannon Sharpe
    Shannon Sharpe 2 years ago

    Lmao anybody that counts backwards on you is one crazy mf......imagine hearing 38...36....33....30 all night long

  • Ethiopian Pride
    Ethiopian Pride 2 years ago

    If Jason Terry called out Lebron in the finals and Lebron responded with an 8 point game and disappearing for the whole series pretty much, imagine what MJ would do to him

  • Bigbucks Nation
    Bigbucks Nation 2 years ago

    powerless forward 😂😂😂

  • YoungAli
    YoungAli 2 years ago

    Respect for Rip Hamilton he step up as a player

  • Sonny Mercado
    Sonny Mercado 2 years ago

    You are incorrect about Cartwright being a "victim" because although the things you say that Jordan said to him are true, Cartwright checked MJ big time by telling him he's not like these other guys and if he kept disrespecting him, he'd break both of his legs. Mike showed a lot more respect to him from that point on--he knew Cartwright and Parish would give him an old-school ass whoopin'!!!

  • God Westbrick
    God Westbrick 2 years ago

    Post Lebrons trash talk on dirk when he was sick and show how it turned out in 2011.

  • xXBDawkinsXx
    xXBDawkinsXx 2 years ago

    Poor Kwame. The dude was only 18, he still wasn't even fully matured. Michael is debatably the GOAT but cmon man

  • daniel hand
    daniel hand 2 years ago

    mj lucky he was not around when the internet was popular

  • Gen Shishio
    Gen Shishio 2 years ago

    Anyone else feel no longer wanna mock Brown?

  • Jonah Ratner
    Jonah Ratner 2 years ago

    Lmao "medical bill Cartwright"

  • Jrue
    Jrue 2 years ago

    If anyone feels bad for kwame brown... just look up his net worth.

  • Ramses Stafford
    Ramses Stafford 2 years ago

    Robert Parish's Celtics beat Jordan's Bulls twice in the Playoffs in 86 and 87. I love Air Jordan but I don't blame Parish, Parish was like you gone show some respect to me bro I know what it takes to win rings.

  • Misael Cartagena
    Misael Cartagena 1 year ago

    He really called that man medical bill 😭😭😭😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • YoungAli
    YoungAli 2 years ago

    That kawme brown story is so savage it mad me almost cry (joking but not) 😢

  • Mike Barnes
    Mike Barnes 2 years ago

    Please make a vid on Larry Birds trash talking 🔥🔥🔥

  • James Jones
    James Jones 2 years ago

    MJ admitted that he was too hard on Kwame..

  • Grape Jelly
    Grape Jelly 2 years ago

    Video idea.

  • patrisio3
    patrisio3 2 years ago

    As much trash as MJ talked, not even he could outdo Larry Bird. Even MJ himself (and everyone else in the NBA) says that Larry is the biggest trash talker of all time. MJ even got his first taste of NBA trash talk from Larry, even before MJ was officially in the NBA during a pickup game prior to the start of his rookie year.