BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL Video Mp3 indir

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  • Published on Apr 13, 2019

  • Musical guest BTS performs "Boy with Luv" on Saturday Night Live. #SNL #EmmaStone #BTS #SNL44 Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes: Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: SNL Instagram: SNL Pinterest:


  • علي روراوة

    came here for halsey and immediately fell for the boys wow

  • Carolina M
    Carolina M 1 day ago (edited)

    OMG! These boys are incredible! So happy and sweet! Love it! I am a new BTS fan!!!

  • myid gan
    myid gan 2 days ago (edited)

    IM NOT GONNA LIE, THIS IS EPIC. How can something from snl become world trending

  • John Francis
    John Francis 1 day ago

    I had never heard of BTS before SNL and I immediately am blown away and have become a huge fan. I’ve watched hours of their music and they have become my favorite artist. Jimin and Jung-kook have made me proud to join ARMY all the way from Texas.

  • Joel Cruz
    Joel Cruz 1 day ago

    Im from United States. I randomly landed on a BTS video 5 days ago... consider me part of the ARMY now! So much talent and swag with these boys! Wow!!

  • Stephanie A
    Stephanie A 2 days ago

    I always thought BTS was overrated but i genuinely love this song and after seeing this im falling more in love with them. I totally get the BTS hype now.

  • party pattinator
    party pattinator 1 day ago

    Everyone stop what you are doing and go see them perform Dionysus.

  • I'm Done
    I'm Done 1 day ago

    The live music made the song 1000× better! And I thought the song was already amazing!! :D

  • League Pro Replays

    Has a Kpop band ever been live on SNL before? This was really cool! They are very good performers. They make those dance moves look easy, and you know they aren't!

  • Miss J Hops
    Miss J Hops 1 day ago

    These types of performers are worth the money to go see because they put on a show.

  • Emilie Salazar
    Emilie Salazar 6 days ago

    The snl stage is notorious for revealing "bad" performers since the stage is tiny and the acoustics aren't great. BTS put on an amazing performance in spite of that and showed us how talented they are 😊

  • Figgy Newts
    Figgy Newts 1 day ago

    Melanie Fontana (the woman singing backup in the yellow heels) helped write this song. You can see how happy and how proud she is to be a part of it.

  • undeny
    undeny 1 day ago

    I don't listen to boybands anymore but no playback/pre-recorded stuff means you have my respect as a listener. You are a true artist!

  • Jacqueline Colette

    I wouldn’t consider myself a “fan” of BTS as I don’t keep up with them but whenever they drop a new song or video, I always check it out. They’re so charming! ✨

  • SniperLyfe Parry
    SniperLyfe Parry 1 day ago

    I bet this is the most liked SNL video 🤣😂😁👍🏻

  • 알레 사
    알레 사 1 day ago

    I mentioned this performance to my coworker and she watched it and said they were good and she liked them, she's 50, and I know it's just one person but it made me felt good 💜

  • illxiuminati
    illxiuminati 1 day ago

    Normally the snl sound system reveals who really sounds good and bad live. Of course they sound great lol.

  • A Fernandez
    A Fernandez 1 day ago

    It's finally happened...I've been bitten by the BTS bug. =)

  • Delia B
    Delia B 1 day ago

    I’m a relative new Army, they just make my day happier and brighter! 😘

    MUBM ZEAAZAJ 2 days ago

    I'm 59 years old,but despite at my age,I like BTS, I love their songs.The songs are amazing as they are.And BTS аre cool dancing