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  • Published on Jul 28, 2019

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  • Xiimo
    Xiimo 1 month ago

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  • Hoessein
    Hoessein 1 month ago (edited)

    The usual suspects: Sergio Ramos, Luis Suarez and Diego Costa

  • Niran Manandhar
    Niran Manandhar 1 month ago

    Sergio Ramos is a professional UFC fighter

  • BE_ Joey
    BE_ Joey 1 month ago


  • a.pagan
    a.pagan 2 days ago


  • María Fernández
    María Fernández 3 weeks ago

    Me encanto el video tanto que lo boy mirando por 2 ves literal zd suve mas

  • raw row
    raw row 1 month ago

    I bet this moment is more entertaining than goal scoring especially when things out of control and everybody just find someone to beat😂😂

  • Fb Videos
    Fb Videos 1 month ago

    The actual caption is...

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe 2 days ago

    Que injusto, tem jogadores que nem começou o juiz vai lá e amarela os dois...

  • Нуржан Избасаров

    Я ненавижу симионе, потомучто из за него был удалён Девид Бекхэм фифа 98

  • Nagato/ Pain
    Nagato/ Pain 1 day ago

    Forças Invisíveis Pegaram O Carvajal.

  • InfamousGamer
    InfamousGamer 9 hours ago


  • Bli Kasep Krishna
    Bli Kasep Krishna 1 month ago

    Wach bener2 mantap kak, new friend n keep supports

  • Aldi Bigboy
    Aldi Bigboy 1 month ago

    Bad boys😜😜😜😜

  • Jack O'neil
    Jack O'neil 1 week ago (edited)

    football fights : bunch of people pushing each other around and suddenly one dude drops to the ground for fun and people gets random red cards the end.

  • SG_ Mike
    SG_ Mike 1 month ago

    signature move of Everton players : Throw them to the fans

  • irtaza Official
    irtaza Official 3 weeks ago

    Apart from Red Cards, Costa is a World class striker

  • Thayli Santos Guerra

    Kkkkkkk Sérgio Ramos é folgado pa Caraí 😂

  • 于小楼
    于小楼 2 days ago

    You forgot Ibrahimovic, the king of the battlefield

  • YojanFTC
    YojanFTC 1 day ago

    le di like por lo de cardona contra korea del sur